Letters to the Editor

Letter | Crawford is the true conservative Horry County Council needs

In the upcoming special election for Horry County Council District 6, Cam Crawford stands out as the obvious choice.

I have enjoyed getting to know Crawford over the years. He’s an extremely kind and understanding individual, with a keen sense of the issues.

The amount of compassion he has for the people of our community is truly remarkable. Horry County needs a councilman who can work with the public, and other elected officials, to reach practical solutions that will benefit our community.

Crawford is a leader, a reliable, effective, proven conservative. His ideas to create a better business environment, improve our infrastructure, and improve public safety is what Socastee and Horry County need to ensure a better quality of life.

I know that after meeting him you will understand why Socastee needs Crawford to represent us. On Tuesday, June 16, I am casting my vote for Crawford and I hope you will join me in bringing true conservative leadership to Socastee.

The writer lives in Socastee.