Letters to the Editor

Letter | Veterans in Myrtle Beach will never be ignored on Memorial Day

Veterans will not be ignored

As a Vietnam Veteran, I was determined to march on Memorial Day. The day that I read Jack Platt's letter to the editor, I knew that I had to be there, as I was very upset that Myrtle Beach City Council decided to move the parade to May 23.

Even as a Vietnam vet, I thoroughly opposed that decision.

Members of Myrtle Beach City Council: wake up! The veterans and active duty service members cannot be ignored. I hope that you will decide to realize that you cannot break the law.

Memorial Day should always be recognized on the last Monday of May. Even Congress passed a bill stating so. Thus, even though I could barely walk and had to use my walker, I was determined to express my love and sorrow for the men and women who died for all of us.

I was very slow; however, there were about 80 people who stayed behind and with me. In other words, they had my back, and I cannot begin to express my gratitude. It was like we had two marches, as we were two blocks behind the others.

Yet, the crowds were still there and waving flags and thanking us.

I did make it, thanks to the fine people who supported me, and I want to thank each and every one of them. That is what being a veteran is about, taking care of each other. And for that, we are better people.

Methinks that the nation as a whole needs to adopt this attitude, and then we would be in a very special place. The entire country needs to take time and remember all those who died for their country. Unfortunately, I think those who sacrificed would be appalled at the state of our country.

A big thanks again to all the wonderful people who had my back, and to the Myrtle Beach Police Department and the group that made it happen.

Kortney A. Dempsey

Myrtle Beach