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Letter | ‘Racist’ letter smears the black tourists of Bikefest in Myrtle Beach


‘Racist’ letter smears black tourists

Re: June 6 letter, “Here’s hoping restrictions will send Bikefest attendees elsewhere,” by S.R. Bassett.

Though all documented reports seemed to confirm that this year's Atlantic Beach Memorial Day “Black” Bikefest went very well, I read a determined “not so” by opinion by Bassett, who called our attention to two minor shooting incidents (no deaths of course), public urination, loud music, general “group” misbehavior - though he never spelled that out - and eventually even the unfurling of the Stars and Stripes and the vets who gave their lives.

Like so many other Bikefest critics over the past year, the thousands of black tourists-bikers who attended were grouped as one. The writer stated that they haven't the slightest idea what Memorial Day represents, implying that none of the thousands of blacks who attended ever served or had loved ones who served in Iraq or Afghanistan or simply in the military.

The use of words like they or them prejudges the many. In my opinion, that is racist.

The writer states he or she wants to eliminate this general group misbehavior by finally getting rid of the black bikers who make up Bikefest.

I may have a solution for this writer and others who feel that way. Let us replace them with white bikers who probably never play loud music or litter or do any of those undesirable things that so many have criticized.

May I suggest we invite the Bandidos and the Cossacks for Memorial Day 2016? They are all 100 percent white. You may remember them since they were in the news just last month.

In their group misbehavior, at least nine were killed, 18 hospitalized and at least 170 arrested and charged. Yes, guns, knives, brass knuckles, clubs and chains were used in their dispute over a parking space involving all white bikers.

When police responded, the bikers turned their weapons on law enforcement.

The good news? None of those white bikers were arrested for urinating in public.

Carolyn Morris

Carolina Shores, North Carolina