Letters to the Editor

Letter | Don’t give phony candidates like Santorum and Graham so much attention


Don’t give phony candidates attention

It was disappointing to see the announcement that Rick Santorum will once again run for the Republican nomination for president, merited a place on the front page of The Sun News, as if it was no surprise.

Mr. Santorum is a career politician who cannot even win an election in his home state (Pennsylvania), but he desperately craves attention. In addition, he has discovered that collecting campaign contributions has its advantages, and his candidacy helps his consulting practice.

Thus, his motives are less honorable than another Pennsylvanian he seeks to emulate, Harold Stasson. Perhaps a sentence or two in the “Today's Globe” section of your paper might have been a more appropriate place for his announcement.

The reasons people like Santorum and our own Sen. Lindsay Graham run for president are: it is financially beneficial (follow the money), and they are cursed with over-inflated egos; plus, they get invited to be on the Sunday morning talk shows, which is so important to them.

Jim Christian