Letters to the Editor

Letter | Let me count the ways Obama is making the U.S. less safe and less great


Count the ways Obama makes U.S. less safe

To defeat a country, an enemy must attempt, insofar as possible, to eliminate or cut back the country’s and its friends in these ways:

1) Military

2) Armaments and capabilities for self-defense

3) Economy

4) Belief in the country’s worthiness

5) Willingness to defend people and principles

6) Confidence that they can win

The Obama administration:

1) Continues to cut back the American military and aims to cut it further

2) Continues to cut back the armaments and capabilities for American self-defense and for its friends

3) Continues to burden the American economy with over-regulation, unnecessary government programs and bureaucracies, taxation and the stemming of free-enterprise approaches to achieve independence from foreign suppliers

4) Apologizes to the world for an America that has done more for freedom and human well-being than the world had ever seen before, lies consistently to America and to the world, persists in allowing inferior teaching and anti-American indoctrination at all levels of education

5) Willing to allow people to be murdered, maimed or enslaved

6) Apparently willing to blame everyone else and willing to surrender to any enemy

George Edwards

Surfside Beach