Letters to the Editor

Letter | True conservatives in South Carolina can’t support Lindsey Graham for president


True conservatives can’t support Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham for president? You are joking? Right?

I am a strong conservative South Carolinian and very proud of my state. We do support conservative values and limited government.

And I know that this country is on a straight road to disaster unless we can take back the White House and get Congress to function as it was intended.

But Graham does not have a conservative bone in his body. I did not support him for the U.S. Senate, and I certainly would never support him for president. He is the epitome of what a RINO is (Republican In Name Only). I really can't see why he would want to run anyway.

Surely, he realizes he does not stand a chance of getting more that 1 percent of the vote.

He should just stay where he is - and help the Democrats out.

Bruce Rowe

Murrells Inlet