Letters to the Editor

Letter | Horry County Council shouldn’t raise taxes to increase employee pay. Taxpayer money doesn’t grow on trees.

To Horry County Council:

It is amazing how the issue of Horry County employee compensation came up just a short time ago and deemed unsustainable in its current form, but now you are back without resolving how to make it sustainable while seeking a tax increase for raises for these employees.

What world do you live in?

You know how bad the economy has been. And those of you who own businesses know you haven’t given your employees the kind of compensation you want us to pay for. It seems to me that Councilman Harold Worley is the only honest one on council about this issue.

You are not all living in a bubble. You know the private sector worker is not getting raises and better benefits. In fact, wages have fallen, and there are more part-time jobs and a lot of folks have to work two jobs to make ends meet.

Be glad for those employees of the county that can find better jobs - but let them go. You can fill those positions a lot easier than you think; a lot of your constitutes would like that chance.

I am not against county employees; I am for residents who for years now have faced increasing food prices, more than $3 per gallon gas, higher insurance costs, higher medical bills, and elected officials - like you - who do not do your jobs of representing your constitutes.

Fix the unsustainable Horry County employee compensation polices and consider the taxpayer who elects you to represent us - then look to those raises.

This is not limited to Horry County Council; it includes those of you with the Horry county School Board.

Wake up. Money does not grow on trees, it comes from overburdened taxpayers who are having, and have been having for sometime, their own problems with making ends meet. I ask all of you to do just two things.

When you spend our money, do as if it was your money. Do not worry about what the other representatives will think of you - worry about what we will think of you.

Finally, let us hear from those who are seeking the Sixth District’s open seat in the special election. How you stand on raising taxes?

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.