Letters to the Editor

Letter | Rude South Carolina drivers: There is a thing called a turn signal in your car


S.C. drivers need crash course in courtesy

Kudos to Gov. Nikki Haley and her administration for convincing Volvo to come to South Carolina. Can I make a suggestion?

Please add a contingency to the contract with Volvo that mandates an apparatus that, when used properly, indicates the direction an automobile is turning. It’s apparent to me that cars sold in South Carolina do not come with this accessory, and it would be a welcome addition.

For the uninformed, cars currently sold outside the state have a lever located on the left side of the steering wheel and, if pushed upward, it causes the front and back lights to flash on the right side of the car. Pushed downward, the left lights flash.

It’s a courtesy and a safety measure to let other drivers know that you intend to make a turn. If this is successful with Volvo, perhaps other automobile manufacturers in South Carolina can follow suit.

Dennis Minkler

Pawleys Island