Letters to the Editor

Letter | Modern-day Republican Party has walked away from what made America great

For a long time, I was not tied to one party and just voted for the person who was running. However, over the past 20 years, that has changed.

As I now see it, Democrats have remained much the same while Republicans, who rose to fame with Abraham Lincoln, have drifted further and further into an angry, irrational, uncompromising conservatism. They have recently stood against things like evolution, global warming, and most environmental concerns.

Also, Republicans have tended to ignore the struggles of black people, women, homosexuals, the poor, and the complicated issues of emigrants - which is who we all really are.

They have become “taxophobic,” encouraging the idea that all government is suspect, and maybe even evil. They have not just supported the military, they have supported a prideful, empire-building military that has invaded other countries to triple our national debt and cause us to be seen as the enemy by much of the world, which helped lead to ISIS.

It seems that all Republicans want is to go to war.

Recently, they’ve pushed to go back into Iraq and Afghanistan as well as to enter the wars in Algeria, Egypt, Syria, and the Ukraine. They’ve also stood against the peace treaty in Iran, standing with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who wants to bomb Iran just as he recently bombed and destroyed Gaza.

They ignore the tragedies of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, where more than 12 million refugees - and about 62,570 American deaths, with more than 206,000 wounded - that have resulted from them. They ignore our huge national debt, pretending we have limitless resources to wage war. And they ignore the need to negotiate and seek compromise before considering war.

It just appears to me that the Republican Party has evolved to appeal to those who have little compassion, sensitivity, and are trying to fight against the things that have made this country great – like justice, freedom and an opportunity for everybody.

They court the rich and powerful while bowing to the uncompromising religious right and ‘Military Industrial Complex.’ In recent years, they’ve done everything they could to block whatever the elected president of the United States has tried to do.

The most obvious of these is how they’ve constantly demeaned and tried to shut down the Affordable Healthcare Act that was passed into law by Congress to allow millions to get some kind of health care.

I am in no way saying Democrats are saints; they have plenty of problems, too.

However, for me, the present-day Democrats are the obvious choice.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.