Letters to the Editor

Letter | Mayfest in North Myrtle Beach a huge success despite big challenges


Mayfest a success despite challenges

Even though Mayfest had to locate inside the North Myrtle Beach High School auditorium because of Tropical Storm Ana, the event was absolutely awesome. The room was packed, standing-room only. All of the talent for the main stage put on one of the the most spectacular shows ever.

North Myrtle Beach City Manager Mike Mahaney, Parks and Recreation Director John Bullard and Mayor Pro-Tem Terry White set out to find the most suitable venue at such short notice and the auditorium was the perfect place.

The acoustics were fabulous and North Myrtle Beach High School student Sam Johnson ran the lighting and did a great job. Won't that look good on his resume?

My production company, L & N Productions, pulled off everything they had to make the event work at the facility. Hats off to North Myrtle Beach principal Trevor Strawderman for letting use the facility.

Mikey Hough

North Myrtle Beach