Letters to the Editor

Letter | U.S. health care system shouldn’t leave out the sick and uninsured


Uninsured man needs our help

Did you know that one of your very own lies suffering from cancer because he is poor and has no insurance, he cannot recieive a life-saving treatment called immunotherapy?

He was told to pay for the surgery upfront! I ask you, how many of us can afford to do that?

And so it goes, those who have, get, and those who don't have are left to suffer and die.

Without his love of and faith in Jesus, my beloved cousin would have no hope. Don't we all really deserve life-saving medical care regardless of money insurance or position?

How can we knowingly let this go on day after day in our medical communities?

I know in my heart the city of Myrtle Beach will rally for him so that he doesn't die without treatment that could save him. I believe God works through all of us.

Janie Saunders

Ashland, Kentucky