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Letter | Veteran thankful for stranger’s surprising act in Murrells Inlet restaurant


Veteran thankful for stranger’s surprising act

Words cannot describe the excitement and joy I felt when two long-time friends told me they were coming to South Carolina to help celebrate my 77th birthday.

Tari, 65, works as a public health nurse in Alaska. Paula, 67, is retired in Biloxi, Mississippi,. after 20 years of military service.

Organizing this trip was a huge effort for them since we all live so far apart. This past Thursday night the three of us went to Carrabba’s restaurant in Murrells Inlet to celebrate. Over dinner, we shared stories about our lives and careers, including Paula’s military service and how much I miss my only child, a chief in the U.S. Navy.

It seemed impossible that this could be our first visit together in over 44 years!

When we asked for our check, the waitress said, “The man who was sitting behind you paid your bill in appreciation for service to our military.”

Wow. What a terrific surprise and generous gift.

If you know who this person could possibly be, please thank him for us. It is great to know that people do appreciate the service so many people give, and have given, to keep our country free.

Anne Rogers

Murrells Inlet