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Letter | Please speak up - now. Roads in South Carolina in desperate need of repair.


Speak up: our roads need fixing

Re: May 18 letter by S.C. Sen. Greg Hembree, “Hembree: S.C. Senate Republicans propose road funding-tax cut plan.”

I read with great interest Sen. Hembree's opinion about the roads funding tax-cut plan. The roads in our state are among the worst I've traveled in recent years.

Since moving here 16-years ago, I've replaced four windshields - because other vehicles have thrown rocks from our crumbling roadways.

I've encountered damage to my cars because I've hit potholes. The first time it cost me $600 to repair the front hub and suspension. The second time, it cost $200 for a re-alignment.

I am horrified that Gov. Nikki Haley threatens to veto any road plan not her own, and her plan fails to generate sufficient funds to address our needs. We cannot afford not to fix our roads.

The longer we wait, the more it will cost. Write all your legislators, town council members and Gov. Haley.

Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. We all need to raise our voices and be heard.

There is power in numbers, and the more people who express their concerns, the better.

Peter Eisenberg

Pawleys Island

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