Letters to the Editor

Letter | Kirk Hanna is the right man to fill open Horry County Council seat


Hanna the right man to fill council seat

Once in awhile, it is refreshing to see a new young face entering politics. I’m referring to Kirk Hanna.

He is a young man who has been a life-long resident of the Socastee area, a successful businessman, a graduate from Socastee High School, clean-cut and a good religious proponent, a family man with 3 children - and he loves animals.

Hanna is stepping out to be the Republican candidate for the Horry County Council seat held by the late Bob Grabowski, District 6.

From what I hear and have learned of Hanna, he is a strong believer in the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment, is not for any tax increases, feels the roads in the area are in dire need of repairs, and is against excessive county regulation. And he will not be a stooge or beholden to any back room political deals.

Hanna is not a politician that will promise you something just to get elected. What he says is what he does.

I suggest you look into the campaign literature or hear Hanna address the district’s needs at a local meeting. I am certain you will be impressed and would definitely want to vote for him in the primary on June 16.

I plan to vote for Hannah.

Daisy Avalos

Myrtle Beach