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Letter | Newsflash: Religious freedom doesn’t mean adherence to Christianity


Religious freedom doesn’t mean adherence to Christianity

Re: May 12 letter to the editor by Patricia Milley, “We need to know what new Horry County Schools book teaches about Christianity.

That letter is a veiled attempt to insert religion into schools. Milley indicates that our country was founded on Christianity, and she maybe right. But our country is primarily founded upon religious freedom - not the acceptance of Christianity.

If she is looking to find a religious section, she needs to read the whole book. She will find numerous references to religion in the text and how religion has impacted history through the years.

She may find that religion and Christianity have been mostly negative concerning historical events.

She indicates that children should be exposed to all religions along with the “false religions.” I am not sure what a false religion constitutes.

Textbooks are written by experts in their respective fields, edited and submitted for review by the school system. This is a tremendous expenditure by the state and not every school gets new books; some schools don't have enough books for students.

There are far more pressing issues facing the education system than a section in a social studies book.

Michael Clodfelter

Myrtle Beach