Letters to the Editor

Seniors want to keep rubber bridge

The Grand Strand Senior Center on 21st Street provides services to help the local senior population live meaningful lives. One program important to dozens of seniors is rubber bridge, which meets twice a week. This program has been established at the senior center for at least 15 years. Not only do many local seniors — some well into their 80’s find camaraderie and an enjoyable time, but the card-play also keeps their brains active. During tourist season, dozens more seniors from other regions join in the bridge games (for membership fees, of course), enhancing their Myrtle Beach experience.

Imagine the dismay of the bridge players to learn that Mr. Raymond G. Fontaine, the Horry County executive director of the Council on Aging, wants to cut the bridge activities to just once a week. According to Ms. Jill K. Long, the manager of the senior center, there is no specific activity that needs the space allocated to the bridge game.

According to the Lieutenant Governor’s office on Aging, “customer, not organizational, need drives the South Carolina Aging Network in its coordination of services. The LGOA develops policies so that decisions involve our consumers and include choice” (P.15 South Carolina State Plan on Aging, 2017 - 2021. The LGOA further asserts that their “values put South Carolina seniors first and include research-based decision-making ensuring a strong customer-focus, accountability, transparency, and collaboration through partnership”. (p.11

The seniors who play bride at their Senior Center on 21st Street would like to continue to play bride on two days a week.

Nancy Farina, Myrtle Beach

Tax bill hurts the middle class

How can Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott in good conscious vote for the proposed tax bill when they represent a state that has major poverty, low income and middle-income issues? This is not a middle-class tax bill as advertised, in fact over the next eight years, the middle-class taxes will increase to the point of paying higher taxes than they currently pay.

How can they justify giving a tax reduction to those earning $25-$100 million a year at the expense of the poor and middle class? This way of thinking is beyond me.

George Moustakis, Surfside Beach

Arrest the ‘Johns’ and make them public

Another story about five arrested on prostitution in Myrtle Beach undercover sting with the names of those arrested made public.

It seems to me if a reverse sting were made and all the names of the Johns that are paying are made public that we would probably see a sharp decline in this problem. Fear of getting caught and exposed might have a greater effect in stopping this abuse in our city.

Dennis Dunham, Myrtle Beach

Some good ideas for city council

I found it very interesting reading ideas that people running for city council had. Several suggested single member districts — great idea. Some suggested term limits — another great idea, which should start with congress. I’m sorry, but one member was running for a fifth term — 20 years on council. No!

Some suggested putting the meetings back to the evening — another great idea. This opens the council to people who can not leave their jobs during the day. This is the way it used to be. It also opens it to more residents to attend. Some suggested live streaming the meetings.

Some questioned the mayor’s salary. Interesting. I would like to see two-term limits. This way the second term could be used to work for the city, not working for re-election. If a council member wanted to run again, they could do this at the next election. Great ideas. I hope we will see some changes. Good luck to the new council!

Bea Maxwell, Myrtle Beach