Letters to the Editor

Mankind is self destructing

Mankind is enroute toward self destruction.

This world has gone crazy with all of the shootings and killings, from Murrells Inlet to Las Vegas. Man has created a society that says yes to every whim, protects criminals, no one is responsible for their actions, no discipline, and the majority walks around like zombies with smartphones or tablets in their faces, and the list goes on and on.

The media just throws gasoline on every fire. And while we're at it, let’s fire off a few missiles at each other. Society has adopted a me attitude, "I want it now, and I will get it no matter who I have to run over to get it and don't dare tell me no.”

Have a problem or disagreement, just pull out a gun and start shooting. Bottom line, nobody cares. Unless society gets back to God, discipline, responsibility, consequences for actions, swift punishments, consideration and mutual respect for each other, we will surely self destruct. God help us all.

Alan Sipe, Garden City Beach