Letters to the Editor

What the heck is a furniture tax?

This is not about buyers' remorse, but taxes. I don't regret the purchase of our oceanfront condo in Myrtle Beach. We are happy campers.

Our property tax increased about $200 this year, but I assume it was based on the sales price which was higher than the previous sales price. My beef is with this so-called "furniture tax" levied against owners who rent their unit when they are not there enjoying it themselves.

Who dreamed up this tax? I never heard of such a thing. What baffles me is that the statement from our management company has an entry for a "business license tax." I understand that tax, but this furniture tax is piling on. Next I'll be paying a parking tax to use the parking garage, or a beach tax to use the beach. I better quit before I give them to many ideas.

Can anyone explain the purpose of a furniture tax other than to reach into my pocket!

Lou Stennes, Warner Robins, Georgia