Letters to the Editor

Real ‘streakers’ take off their shorts first

A “streaker” at Coastal Carolina University? Come on folks! Hardly!

My wife, Jeri Dubbs, and I were in college in the 1950s when the art of football game streaking was at its all-time zenith. It was truly an artful comedy that stirred the blood and twanged the funny bone.

Back then, no self- respecting streaker would do their rabbit’s run wearing shorts, as the so-called "streaker" did at CCU. That totally destroys the shock value of streaking, which is to go buck naked, exhibit the private parts in all their glory, and stir officialdom to immediate and vigorous anxiety and reaction. Back then, the really fun part of the ritual was the prolonged chase with the nimble streaker loudly cheered by students and other fans, and with out-of-shape ushers and other functionaries huffing mightily behind, loudly booed.

Eventually cornered, the streaker was apprehended and frog marched out of the stadium to even louder boos, and eventually turned over to the police - who had better things to do than deal with college pranks, and routinely turned the offender loose a few blocks away from the stadium with, of course, a stern warning that the fun was over, or else.

Modern academic officialdom is apparently as humorless as it was 60 years ago - even about visually chaste, watered-down versions of streaking. Deal with it or, who knows, the next oddball may actually skip the shorts!

Now the official sanction is the stuffy bureaucratic, judgmentally sensitive "trespassing notice." Will that deter the exhibitionists who give us something so outrageously funny, harmless, and non-threatening to laugh about?

We certainly hope not!

Bill Warner, Myrtle Beach