Letters to the Editor

Myrtle Beach full of kind people

Recently, I was visiting Myrtle Beach and planned to pick up tickets for the Temptations early from the will call window at Alabama Theater to avoid a last-minute rush. With no one in parking lot at that time of day, I ran over an island that designated the next row of parking was at a different angle than the one I was on. Needless to say, two tires and beneath my car had a lot of damage.

There were four ladies, all above 80 years old, in my car. It was unbelievable how many people, young and old, who stopped to offer rides, change a tire, call for assistance, or anything we needed. My count would be a minimum of 10.

Thanks to all of you. Myrtle beach tourists and residents are the best.

Peggy Lovelace, Augusta, Georgia