Letters to the Editor

NRA doesn’t care about real Americans

The NRA should not just be an association that wants to put guns into the hands of everybody. It should be an association that helps us protect ourselves. This includes keeping guns out of the hands of people that shouldn’t have them. While we can ask ourselves, does the government have the right to decide who should and shouldn’t have guns, there is little doubt that the private sector should be able to help make that determination.

The NRA is a powerful group. They could choose to use that power to help us stop these mass killings. They could choose to investigate the causes. They could choose to help the victims. Instead of quieting the storm of misuse of weapons, they are trying to quiet their guns with silencers.

The NRA is a nasty power broker and is one of many power brokers that has seized control of the Republican Party for their own selfish means. These men and women, big businesses and opportunity hoarders write the rules and laws in their favor, enriching themselves and leaving the rest of us behind. Rather than worrying about our safety, they solely worry about their bottom line.

It is time that the NRA card carrying member take back the NRA and use it not only as a mouth piece to protect the Second Amendment, but use it as a force to protect every citizen from the misuse of firearms.

Mark Pinsley, Allentown, Pennsylvania