Letters to the Editor

Thomas still the right man for Georgetown council

Like you, I'm seeing letters from Bill Hills, who seems consumed with running for Georgetown County Council next year against Councilman John Thomas.

I don't know Bill Hills personally, but I understand that a few years back he formed an organization and loudly stated its purpose was to oppose the Waccamaw Neck Council of Property Owners Associations. As a past director of the WNCPOA and staunch supporter of their mission, I do not under the reason for Mr. Hills opposition.

The WNCPOA’s mission is advocating for intelligent management of growth so we do not lose our natural heritage and we preserve our quality of life. Mr. Hills opposition is unfounded and totally illogical.

I also know a good public servant when I see one. Councilman Thomas is one. He was instrumental in our recent successful effort to preserve the 90-foot setback along U.S. 17 when commercial interests tried to reduce the setback to build bigger buildings closer to the highway.

Though I don't know Bill Hills personally, I know enough to know I don't want him to be a council member. I will energetically and enthusiastically support Councilman Thomas for re-election next year.

Tom Leis, Pawleys Island