Letters to the Editor

Georgetown council candidate claims too much credit for project

I’m extremely disappointed in Georgetown County Council candidate Bill Hills for trying to take credit for the U.S. 17 Business pedestrian crosswalk project in Murrells Inlet. In a recent letter to the editor, he wrote of the project, “I worked and it happened.”

In fact, Jeff Ciuba and Linda Lane of Murrells Inlet 2020 did the lion's share of the work on the crosswalks, putting in hundreds of hours on the project. When the S.C. Department of Transportation took the position that the crosswalks were not possible under USDOT regulations, my husband, Gary Weinreich, asked U.S. Sen. Tim Scott to investigate on behalf of Murrells Inlet, and only then did the project move forward.

County Councilman John Thomas was supportive throughout. He helped with obtaining accident reports to help justify the crosswalks and determining a funding source that would work. State Sen. Stephen Goldfinch and Rep. Lee Hewitt were extremely helpful in pushing the project forward.

Bill Hills played a role in voting as a County Transportation Committee member to fund the project, for which I’m thankful.

Many people worked hard to make the crosswalk project happen. I just wish Bill was more considerate about it.

Jeanne Weinreich, Murrells Inlet