Letters to the Editor

The South was right about the war

Re “Writer’s view of Civil War hilarious” letter by Bill Swanson.

There are two types of ignorance. First, there is just plain ignorance. Southerners who come across someone displaying this type just shake their heads and say, “Bless their heart.”

The second type is blind ignorance. These poor souls place their hands over their ears and state loudly, “Don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is already made up.”

Blind ignorance, apparently, is what Swanson is suffering from. I believe he is totally ignorant concerning the war for Southern independence. He would rather mock the letter written by John Fisher rather than present an argument to the contrary. If his lack of knowledge on the subject wasn’t so profound, he would realize that Mr. Fisher was correct, and that there is no argument to be made.

There are a wealth of data and documented facts regarding Lincoln’s agenda in reference to Southern secession.

Craig Thompkins, Conway