Letters to the Editor

They are calling evil good, and good evil

Re: So much religion, still so much hate” letter by Diane Farrell.

Ms. Farrell, first, the election of this current president is not necessarily a Christian vote. Many people voted for Donald Trump as a vote against Hilary Clinton.

Second, hate has become so terribly overused, and I find it an anathema that conservatives are always the ones called hateful. If you were to walk into the church where I attend, you would be welcomed without judgment.

Third, the only times I have ever experienced true hate have been twice from homosexuals for no reason (in both cases, I was their friend until they found out I was a Christian). The verbiage was extremely offensive and cannot be repeated. The third time was from a relative who chose to believe a very nasty lie about me.

I find that the intolerance comes from those who preach tolerance, for example, college students shouting down a speaker because they disagree with the speaker. Or consider the college student in Washington who was not allowed to speak in her class because she had been labeled a "white supremacist bigot."

In light of Charlottesville, there was hate on both sides (Black Lives Matter and the neo-Nazis, as well as the other white supremacist groups). I do not consider any of them Christian.

God says, "by their fruit you shall know them." I did not see any Christian fruit there. And to say that Trump fuels it is wrong. If you look back in the many years of interviews, you will see that he has repeatedly denounced these organizations.

Consider the lawsuit against Liberty Counsel by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Liberty organization does pro-bono legal work for people who are facing litigation against them for violation of their freedoms of speech, but SPLC labels them a hate group.

Consider also the hate being inflicted by ISIS, PLO, Hamas, etc. in the Middle East where Christians and Jews are being burned alive, impaled, beheaded, and even being forced to watch their children be murdered just for standing for God. In Israel, a Palestinian broke into an Israeli home, murdered the family, as well as shooting the baby sleeping in its crib.

There is a strong movement in this country to silence those who disagree with the progressive movement. I have two friends who lived under socialist/communist regimes. They will tell you that food is rationed and poverty is high and people are unable to speak freely. Is that what we want for this country?

Everyone quotes the verse to love your neighbor. However, nobody looks at the first part of this command, which says to "Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, all of your mind, and all of your soul." Or let’s look at other verses where God judged the people for disobeying his laws.

Our world has gone upside down, where good is evil and evil is good.

The writer lives in Conway.