Letters to the Editor

Democrats aren’t trying to improve the country in Trump era

Re “Back up your opinion with facts, please” letter by Ray Brayboy.

I read with interest your commentary of my earlier criticism of what I considered misleading information written to The Sun News by a frequent extreme leftist contributor from Pawleys Island.

Just for your information, I try to formulate my opinion by being eclectic in my reviews, by listening to many people’s opinions, doing internet research, and trying to secure verified information from known sources that support my position. I would label that analysis factual research rather than cherry picking.

Several times, I’ve personally invited Issac Bailey, opinion coordinator of this paper to have coffee with me to discuss our differences of our political opinions; however, he appears to not care enough about my viewpoint to accept that invitation. I thought I would be able to better understand why he insists on publishing columns from major liberal leaning national newspapers, which I consider prejudiced and divisive.

You, on the other hand, cite a long list of character defamation assigned to President Trump, some of which appear to be sourced from the left “resistance” mantra. My basis for this comes from various quotes from leaders of the liberal community. I could refute each of your character assassinations, but I hardly think you would be open to consider your assertions might be strewn with fallacies.

If I could just get you to admit that not all was well in this country during the Obama administration, and that we as a country, despite all of our faults, need to strive to do better, my letter will have served its purpose.

I used to say that since President Trump was elected, no Democrat has proposed or supported any positive change for this country. Now I have to admit that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer finally supported President Trump’s bill for aid to the Texas hurricane victims. Of course, this bill was passed much to the chagrin of a few Republican congressmen, because it extends the $19 trillion debt incurred by our country during the Obama presidency.

You mention at the end of your letter “my care-few minded friend” from Garden City, that you describe as a “law and order” fellow. I’m not certain what you mean by that. As a conservative, I strongly believe that we are a country of laws, that our constitution was based on the rule of law, and that a large majority of those sworn to uphold the law do so effectively and without prejudice.

I do not appreciate your characterization of law enforcement officers in your article. They spend all day every day ensuring that you can safely live in this society and react quickly to anyone who has become a victim of crime. You should be proud of that.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.