Letters to the Editor

Domestic violence is a horrific problem here

I learned of the murder of Jessica Lynn Hill from a friend who was in the area shortly after it occurred.

Sadly, South Carolina is in the top 5 in the U.S. for number of women killed by men.

This 36-year-old woman was the mother of three and beloved by the Murrells Inlet community. Eric Justin Perry was seen leaving the burning building where Hill was killed and allegedly was later found with her corpse in his boat and charged with murder and arson.

It is my hope that this recent tragedy in our own backyard will raise awareness of the scourge of domestic violence. It happens all too often and in every economic class, contrary to the myth that it is a poverty-related issue. And most of the victims are shot to death with a gun.

I urge everyone to support the Family Justice Center in Georgetown and Horry counties. It is their mission to reduce the injuries and deaths resulting from domestic violence and to create a community with zero tolerance of it. They provide coordinated, comprehensive and educational services to victims and their children who seek refuge.

Let's hope we can help move South Carolina to the bottom of the list of states with this horrific problem.

Rose Dixon, Pawleys Island