Letters to the Editor

Bill Hills is running for the right reasons

A letter to The Sun News misrepresented the motives of Bill Hills and his run for Georgetown County Council. Ladd Dezendorf alleged that Hills has ulterior motives, related to business. That could not be farther from the truth.

He is not, nor did he intend, to run against John Thomas.

Bill's decision was based on the understanding that Thomas did not intend to run again. In fact, Bill went to Thomas to advise his intentions only to learn that Thomas intended to continue. At that meeting, Bill's intentions were not well received, which set up a competitive environment.

Bill is married to my daughter. He feels that some areas of Georgetown County are not well served. He hopes to be a force for equal representation. He does not blame Mr. Thomas for that condition but believes it should be addressed by Council.

Bil Hills is offering his experience and knowledge for the betterment of Georgetown County. He will be a positive candidate, offering his service and solutions to perceived citizen's concerns.

I would recommend that Mr. Dezendorf consult with Mr. ills or me, before citing false information.

Donald M. Yonce Sr., Myrtle Beach