Letters to the Editor

Thomas the best option for Georgetown

I read with interest the Bill Hills letters trying to explain his candidacy for Georgetown County Council. Ronald Reagan once said, “If you’re explaining, you’re losing.” This certainly applies to Hills.

While he enthusiastically endorsed Republican Councilman John Thomas in 2014, he now wants to run against him. Even though he acknowledges John is very responsive to constituents and effective at resolving issues, that’s not enough for Bill.

No, the main issue for Bill is that John has not updated his campaign Facebook page often enough. Yes, you heard that right.

Bill says that John needs to “get to know the people and their concerns,” and that a better Facebook page would help, even though John is easily accessible and makes himself available at meetings across the district.

Where Bill is going to have to do a lot more explaining is the hypocrisy of his position on “getting to know the people and their concerns.” On his campaign Facebook page, Bill has taken to censoring comments from district residents who took the time to let him know how they feel on county issues.

Being an effective representative for a county council district means listening to all input from district residents even though sometimes you may disagree with what’s being said. Councilman John Thomas gets this.

Alice Stewart, Garden City Beach