Letters to the Editor

Stop hating my sons because of autism

I am writing to ask your paper to help spread the word about autism awareness. I am the parent of two boys on the ASD spectrum. I was informed in the car line of the school in front of many bystanders that my child was showing no form of educational productivity and was disruptive in class. He is in regular education due to his learning ability.

I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated in all my life. I have phoned everyone in the county with no response back. I have removed my child from the school, and when I informed the staff member of my decision, she replied, "Good."

There is never a day that we, as parents, don't have people look at us in disgust or people are staring as my son stems. I am awaiting to be summoned to court due to state laws. What to do if a school does not want your child? Teacher's no longer teach, they judge.

Lora Casillas, Myrtle Beach