Letters to the Editor

Robert E. Lee was a great man

Every morning my husband reads the daily excerpt from his Knights of Columbus Daily Devotion book. We all should learn to live by the Jan. 10 excerpt, which reads as follows:

"One Sunday morning, not long after the Civil War, a freed slave wandered into a fashionable church in Richmond, Virginia. When the time for Communion came, to the consternation of many present, the ex-slave walked up to receive."

"Sensing the mood of these people, a prominent, respected man walked down the aisle and knelt next to his black brother. That man's courageous witness set an example that day that no one forgot.

The man was Robert E. Lee, former general of the Confederate army."

There is no greater example of this than what the folks in Houston have just gone through. They came together, with no care of what color their skin was, what religion they practice, or the language they speak. It wasn't about removing statues or worrying about what their beliefs might be. No one stopped to ask - they simply came together and helped those in need. Nothing else mattered.  

We should all take a moment to reflect on what Robert E. Lee did that day so long ago.

Claudia Conway, Murrells Inlet