Letters to the Editor

Road issues will drive tourists away

An Aug. 12 article in The Sun News, "A grocery store on every corner on the Grand Strand and more on the way," enforces what every local resident already fears: dirt is being turned at every corner of Myrtle Beach.

New developments are springing up; new shopping malls, new stores are all being constructed. But where are the new roads or road improvements to existing roads to support all this activity?

The article said: "Over the past decade the population has grown about 3 percent per year."

The politicians who rule the city of Myrtle Beach and Horry County issue all these building permits without considering the consequences. What good is construction of a new highway, such as I-73, if the local roads are overloaded?

It would take many years and millions of dollars to improve the local roads and build new ones.

Sooner or later, tourists who come to Myrtle Beach will get tired of the bumper-to-bumper traffic on U.S. 501. Maybe we need a new set of politicians who deal realistically with our traffic problems.

Norbert Flatow, Myrtle Beach