Letters to the Editor

Trump playing with fire on North Korea

President Donald Trump is looking for a war with North Korea. He does not know what "locked and loaded" means. He was not in the service.

If he provokes a war, he will send the children of the fools who voted for him. He will not go, nor his sons. He was 44 years old after Korea exploded. When Vietnam blew up, he got a deferment.

China is not Trump’s friend. The Chinese entered the war on North Korea’s side. I believe they lost one million men, thanks to the U.S Marines.

President Truman was wrong in holding back General MacArthur. We would not have this problem now. Truman called Korea a "police action." He was wrong.

Men were killed. When Korea exploded, the Marine Expeditionary Force was sent in. The ROK Army retreated and the U.S. Army bugged out. Only the Marines stayed and fought the Koreans and the Chinese.

Trump is saying he is speaking for all the people, but he is not. He is pandering to his base, the fools who voted for him.

Nick Siotka, Longs