Letters to the Editor

Back up your opinion with facts, please

Re "Liberal paper and liberal writer just don't get it" letter by Jim Furry.

I suspect it could really go without saying that Mr. Furry is a hard-core Republican who evidently loves to cherry pick statistics in order to market his cause to some sort of gullible larger audience while concurrently beating up on the Pawleys Island liberal. 

However I, for one, would prefer that he clearly justify (please use convincing data, if he will) how those associated with his unquestionable conservative ideology can support the conservative party's standard bearer (the sitting president) who is a racist, a bigot, a pathological liar, a serial woman groper, a misogynist, a serial adulterer, a perpetual employee stiffer, a pardoner of extremist law enforcement officials, a global isolationist; and who continually incites and promotes the use of physical violence against fellow Americans who don't agree with his particular beliefs or "theories."

I will look forward to receiving Mr. Furry's thoughtful and analytical responses to these inquiries. If he chooses to respond, maybe he can get his care-few-minded friend down around Garden City Beach (yes, the law and order fellow with the one "silver bullet" in his revolver, billy club at the ready, and handcuffs hanging by his side) to assist him in formulating it. With the synergy and gray matter of those two at work, I'm sure I'll be receiving a masterpiece. Looking forward to, hopefully, reading it soon.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.