Letters to the Editor

Time to remember we are all one

Being exclusive has a rich history. In the United States, it can be tracked through our culture in things such as our capitalistic system, social evolution, democracy, economics, agriculture, food distribution, politics, religions and world wars. Exclusiveness comes from believing that all of the things that relate to "me" are the most wonderful and best. It comes from run-away pride that says that my way is the only way. It's dangerous, because it drives people apart to facilitate things like divorce, abuse, gang wars, violence and murder.

On the other hand, inclusiveness brings people together. It heals divisions rather than making them worse. The founders of most of the world's religions taught and practiced inclusiveness, but all of the religious organizations that followed them have become exclusive. There are many exclusive things that we take for granted like nationalism, sexism, racism, social surroundings, and religion. Also, if you're a student of war, you will have seen that all wars are started by the exclusiveness of nations.

It now appears that inclusiveness is under attack, while exclusiveness is on the rise. That is certainly true in this country. Slogans like "America first," "throw out the Muslims," "build the wall," and the constant refrain "crooked Hillary," have pushed us apart as a country and terrified other countries. President Donald Trump is not the only leader doing this. Look at Putin in Russia, Netanyahu in Israel, Erdogan in Turkey, Assad in Syria, Fattah el-sisi in Egypt, Teresa May in Great Britain, Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. It is estimated there are 49 world dictators. All of these leaders are very exclusive, as they isolate their countries and minimize their appreciation of, and cooperation with, each other and other nations,

The truth is that we are all one race, living on one planet. I show people my world globe and ask them what they see. They see countries. I see a depiction of one world with arbitrarily lines drawn on it.

To judge and discard anyone makes no sense because all of us come from the one. Thus being inclusive is the only thing that makes sense.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.