Letters to the Editor

Media’s transparent bias

This past weekend, Trump supporters attempted to have a rally in Berkeley, California, and were violently attacked by masked left-wing criminals who suppressed their right to freedom of speech and assembly and injured many of them. This story was buried on page 6 of The Sun News.

Can you even vaguely imagine what the national media, including The Sun News, would have done if the situation had happened the other way around, and Trump supporters had done the attacking? They would have immediately been labeled Nazis, members of the KKK and/or white supremacists, and the news would have been spread all over the front page.

It shouldn’t be at all difficult to identify the criminals in this kind of clash. It’s the people who are masking their faces, dressed in black, carrying weapons and on the attack. What’s so tough about that?

Where were the police? Only six people arrested? Gimme a break. Where was the FBI? Where is the attorney general’s office demanding these criminals be arrested, exposed and stopped so the constitution could be preserved in this country?

President Obama and former attorneys general Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder would have loudly demanded that justice be served. The NAACP would be walking arm-in-arm across the Golden State bridge.

Why is Jeff Sessions silent on this matter?

This letter is meant to criticize the one-sided reporting of The Sun News, but it is also representative of the sad state of affairs with the national media, who have instigated this racial and political divide in our beloved America.

When did the media stop accurately and fairly reporting the news and turned to creating or carefully dispersing the news to suit its own agenda? Whatever happened to fairness in reporting?

I call it the big rhetorical "why" - because I believe we all know why. 

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.