Letters to the Editor

Elected officials are too cowardly in Confederate monuments debate

I watch in horrified amazement as elected officials cave into whatever offended group du jour makes demands. Have any of these elected cowards ever asked the folks who aren’t offended by historical monuments in their towns what they thought? I’ll bet the non-offended far outnumber the offended parties, so why don’t their opinions count?

I’ll even be willing to bet that a large percentage of the offended parties don’t actually live in whatever town they’re vandalizing. Has anyone figured out who all these newly offended persons are? Do they have jobs or are they being paid to be offended, and by whom?

Why don’t the police ever stop them from destroying property? Isn’t that against the law in most places?

Are all these wimpish decisions to allow the destruction of property or to relocate the monuments all being made by Democrats whose male adherents often seem weak? The non-offended in these towns need to rise up in fury and demand that their rights be honored.

I wonder if meretricious President Obama has anything to do with the mysterious emergence of these offended groups. Strange, isn’t it, since such outrageous behavior would have been applauded during his America-hating administration.

Here’s an idea. Why not put the issue to a vote so the locals can have a say in the final solution. Wouldn’t this satisfy PC demands for social justice and fairness?

Robert Gruy, Pawleys Island