Letters to the Editor

A couple of things that make little sense

Just wondering about a couple of things:

Why are trailers not required to have tags? There is a lot of lost revenue by not requiring this. Most other states require tags and working tail lights. I am amazed that whether it's a large trailer hauling lawn equipment or a smaller one hauling brush, its money being pulled down the road that should be collected and used.

Also, if you have small children, say three to five years of age and you're driving a two-ton vehicle, the law requires you to have them in safety seats, securely buckled in, or you'll get a ticket. This would occur even if you're in a 35 mph zone. Yet if you have those same children in a golf car, they can sit freely in it, being restrained only by loving arms while going 35 mph. Happens here constantly. Makes me wonder.

Amy White, Myrtle Beach