Letters to the Editor

The left has become too hateful

I cannot understand the hateful bigotry from fascist bullies on the statist-left, a minority, bullying 70 percent of the population with violence.

A transgendered friend of mine in Charleston says they are not haters, just angry. That’s not true.

Not all Confederates were Caucasian, men, Christian, or even American. Its military was a motley crew of Americans, Prussians, Natives, Cubans, Mexicans, Creoles, Chinese, [a few] free Blacks, Cajuns, and Anglo-Celts.

Slavery is going on now with sex trafficking, human trafficking, and "body smuggling.” But the NAACP cares about slavery in the Confederacy.

Slavery and hate exist today, and I blame the so-called leaders of the African-American community for ignoring and propagating hate themselves. They blame statues and flags. Where will it end?

Hate must stop now!

Matthew Benjamin Abernathy, Ladson