Letters to the Editor

Trump’s White House tenure is tenuous

The “ugly American” can easily describe President Donald Trump. Former Republican Sen. John Danworth refers to Trump as the most hateful man in the White House. Trump is the most divisive person in the country. He is a bully. He is still campaigning when he goes to the states he won. He rants and raves because he knows that’s what his people want.

He is obsessed with former President Barack Obama. The executive orders he has written amount to nothing.

He has not put any legislation through, except for the appointment of one Supreme Court justice. Trump is damaging the Republican Party by his attacks on its members. I am a former Republican but rue the day when Trump appeared on the scene.

He has alienated all of our allies and made a travesty of our judicial system. He does not realize the least utterance he makes is Gospel truth. Will he be impeached or will he resign? So far, his presidency is lackluster. Only time will tell.      

Nick Siotka, Longs