Letters to the Editor

Democrats are better? Don’t make me laugh

Re "Democrats far better on the economy" letter by Rick Comfort.

Mr. Comfort asserts that Democrats do better at managing the economy than do Republicans. A little recent factual history:

Bill Clinton inherited a national debt of $4.4 trillion. During his term, another $1.4 trillion was added, bringing the total to $5.8 trillion. If Clinton had his way, that number would have been considerably greater, but House Speaker Newt Gingrich, fulfilling his "Contract With America," refused to allow any expenditures which would create a deficit, and thus provided us with small surpluses during Clinton's final two years. But the national debt still grew.

George W. Bush engaged in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the national debt increased to $11.6 trillion during his time in office. In 2006, then-Sen. Barack Obama stood up and said, "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure."

Barack Obama, as president, requested, and was granted, eight debt increases.

About $8 trillion was added to the debt during his term, bringing it up to $19.6 trillion. This represents a nearly 70 percent increase.

Interest on our debt, without a penny in its reduction is, as a result, our fourth-largest government expense, trailing only Social Security, Defense and Medicare.

Comfort wants us to believe that Democrats are better at managing our economy?

Paul Landry, Garden City Beach tourist