Letters to the Editor

North Myrtle Beach lifeguards guard lives - period

Re "Lifeguards should guard lives - not hawk products on the beach" letter by David Gerkens.

In his Aug. 27 letter, incorrectly assumed that city of North Myrtle Beach ocean lifeguards are tasked with renting chairs and umbrellas to the beach-going public. They are not.

In 2006, the North Myrtle Beach City Council made the decision to end the city’s practice of contracting out lifeguard services to private companies. In 2007, the city began hiring its own ocean lifeguards, whose only job is to ensure the safety of ocean swimmers.

Employees with our parks and recreation department’s beach services division handle umbrella and chair rentals and concession sales on the beach.

Patrick Dowling, public information officer, North Myrtle Beach