Letters to the Editor

Time for new ‘managers’ in Myrtle Beach

Not that long ago, it was considered an "also ran" and almost on the brink of closure after being managed, or should I say mismanaged, by the city of Myrtle Beach.  It was always a nice layout, but as courses go on the Grand Strand, it was way in the back of the pack because of the condition of the course with sparse fairways, deep rough and sand traps that were like concrete.

Needless to say, with conditions like that, play slumped, and so did the losses being incurred by Myrtle Beach.

Thank God the powers that be had the where with all to try and utilize an outside management company to take over the course before pulling the plug and closing it down to make a recreation area out of Whispering Pines. Thanks to Chip Smith, Keith Stanzel and the test of the staff at Whispering Pines, the course has been resurrected to become one of the better tracks on the Grand Strand.

The fairways are plush, as are the greens. Work has been done on the bunkers, clubhouse, and more. The response to the changes in the condition of the course has resulted in greatly increased play and turning a big profit for Myrtle Beach instead of a deficit.

Maybe we should get a new management team in the public office position of the Myrtle Beach city government and turn that back around also.

Let’s vote some new people into office and let them take a shot at it.

Lou Krieger, Surfside Beach