Letters to the Editor

Might be good to make new development plans

The article on The Market Common used density to justify building additional apartments on Myers Avenue. It is only partially accurate to say that the old air base was supposed to be an urban village with higher density. The zoning map shows "Urban Village" zoning only for a small portion of the old base. This is the city-like area most people see when they visit. A large portion of the remaining land is designated PUD and does not specifically call for higher density. Areas within this zone include Cresswind, Balmoral and other single-family homes and town homes. 

At issue, I believe, is a developer proposing three-story apartment buildings in close proximity to homes when most residents are against apartments in that area. The parcel could be profitably developed in keeping with the residential nature of the area. City zoning states, "The proposed development shall be such that it does not cause substantial injury to the value of other property in the immediate area."

The way to ensure this is to put the apartments elsewhere.

Mary Comninel, Myrtle Beach