Letters to the Editor

Myrtle Beach cooperation was huge victory

Please allow me to extend my thanks to the staff of Myrtle Beach High and city of Myrtle Beach for their collective efforts toward the Friday afternoon football game between Myrtle Beach High School and North Carolina power, Charlotte Christian.

When scheduled venue options disappeared, the staffs of the two organizations sprang into action and organized the game at a city recreation field turfed field. This cooperative endeavor was no small feat, considering all that goes into the prep for a high school event.

While some may believe a high school athletic event is not of great consequence, it was important to our students. More importantly, it demonstrated a willingness of two organizations to work together for a common goal, which often occurs in our county but often goes unnoticed.

Thank you Mr. Ron Andrews, special projects director for the city of Myrtle Beach, and Mr. John Washburn of Myrtle Beach High School, and your respective employees.

Sometimes a community wins even when the final score of the game says differently.

Phil Render, Myrtle Beach