Letters to the Editor

We don’t want to be the next Carolina Forest

If you ask any Little River resident why they moved here, they’re likely to say, “Because it’s the quiet end of Myrtle Beach with a lot less traffic.”

Well, that is changing. The Cypress Bay golf course was closed a few years ago and now Mungo Homes is building 800 plus homes right off U.S. 17. The Bay Tree golf course off S.C. 9 is experiencing a similar fate, but with more than 1,000 homes. The elimination of the trees is shameful. And now the latest - the beautiful Heather Glen Golf Course is scheduled to close to make way for an additional 1,100 homes also off U.S. 17 – unless we the people can stop it. Or, unless the Horry County Council stops it.

Anyone who is familiar with the Grand Strand knows that Carolina Forest is a mess, an unplanned mess. There are too many homes with not enough roads. Locals make every effort to avoid U.S. 501 at all cost. But there is a difference between Carolina Forest and Little River. Carolina Forest has four main highways – U.S. 501, S.C. 90, Carolina Forrest Boulevard and S.C. 544. Little River only has U.S. 17 and S.C. 9.

And let’s not forget the accidents caused by too many cars. This raises the car insurance rates for all of us. The combination of an acceleration lane off the South Carolina Visitors Center on U.S. 17, and a deceleration lane going into the new Heather Glen Development, is a formula for disaster and lots of accidents.

Every member of the Horry County Council and the Planning Commission will tell you that they support planned growth. What they mean is that they will approve any development that is planned.

Brian Kasprzyk, Little River