Letters to the Editor

Liberal paper and liberal writer just don’t get it

Re “Republicans believe in simplistic nonsense” letter by Terry Munson.

I am glad The Sun News has decided to add comedy to your Opinion page. That must have been a slow day for editorial submissions for the paper to dedicate a full third page to captioned article.

Munson rails about the Republican economic theories but doesn’t mention that, according to a Business Insider report from June that unemployment for black people is the lowest it’s been since 2000. This goes against Munson’s “simplistic nonsense,” that Republican policies only benefit the rich.

I could go on and on, but your liberal-leaning, left newspaper would hardly give me the space that it regularly provides to one of your left Pawleys Island writers. I often wonder if The Sun News has Munson on the payroll.

For me, I would rather read the “Dilbert” cartoon, as it gives much more insight to real politics than this.

Jim Furry, Myrtle Beach