Letters to the Editor

A stronger curfew can work; Myrtle Beach should try it

Re “Expanding Myrtle Beach curfew a nonsensical solution” letter by Ray Brayboy.

You know what amazes me is that there are so many people who just sit back and criticize and ignore the problems we face today.

Mr Brayboy, obviously a Hillary Clinton supporter, seems to think that a belly laugh will do the job. Curfews have worked in the past and would seem to reduce a good portion of the problems that exist with Myrtle Beach's nighttime crimes.

You remove the problem and, for sure, it would relocate to other areas. These are already the so-called turf of others. Reduction is the only thing that can happen, so it should work. Try it, see what happens, and if it is a good thing, leave it alone.

As for Mr Brayboy; I appreciate that I hit his nerve. Now, maybe, instead of laughing it off, he might add a thought to solving this problem.

Remember that nighttime shootings, gang violence, disrespect of our police force, drug overdoses and disrespect to the flag and our president are all unacceptable.

Rick Gutierrez, Garden City Beach