Letters to the Editor

Robert E. Lee said no Confederate statues; follow his lead

The relocation of Confederate statues and monuments will be determined by the democratic process (unless vandals destroy them first) in each city, county and state. One solution that seems to be gaining in popularity is relocating them to cemeteries in sections where Confederate soldiers are at final rest.

Does anyone really believe that they won't be vandalized and destroyed in a cemetery? Graves are desecrated all the time; just ask people of the Jewish faith.

A better solution is to move them to museums where they will be on display in an appropriate manner in the context of an historical perspective, where explanatory plaques can be added.

Slavery and the Civil War was a blight on our history, and museums are the correct location to preserve and teach the history of this era. As a side note, Gen. Robert E. Lee publicly stated after the war that he wanted no statues.

His wish seems to be coming to fruition, although 100 plus years later.

Lou Stennes, Warner Robins, Georgia