Letters to the Editor

Bank robberies not treated seriously enough

This is in response to the recent numerous bank robberies, which have resulted in the lives of two employees.

In November 2014, I witnessed a bank robbery at the Crescom bank at the intersection of Garden City Connector and Kings Highway. I provided the Horry County police with a license tag number and was able to identify the perpetrator. I went to court and positively identified the assailant. I currently work in CA and took my personal time off from work.

The taxpayers of Horry County paid for my flight, as well as a rental car. As a result of all this money spent by the taxpayers, the assailant got less than a year in jail and is out now on probation. He was armed and dangerous.

I guess bank robbery is no longer a federal crime and innocent victims now lose their lives.

Donna Rotan, Murrells Inlet